Kush High Volume Mascara-Luxury Lashes in a Bottle

Kush High Volume Mascara just may be the secret solution to those luxurious lashes we’ve all been waiting for. This nourishing, high volume, no clumping, lash separating, mascara by Milk Makeup has some unique features you won’t find in any other mascara.


The first thing you’ll notice about Kush High Volume Mascara is the sophisticated box presentation. It looks like you just opened a Christmas gift and you have that, I must see what’s inside feeling.


It’s made in Italy and the metal components in the tube are manufactered with Lamborghini metal. This makes the mascara pretty cool even before you even open the tube. But when you do open the tube there is a nice surprise in there too.


Mascara review
Mascara review

Kush High Volume Mascara

We’re always searching for the best mascara. The one that makes our eyes pop especially, that one mascara that gives you those long, thick, full enough lashes to mimic the beauty of lash extensions, without the time and upkeep. Anytime you see someone with those lashes that go on for days your mind starts to wonder. What kind of mascara does she use? Are they extensions? Are they false eyelashes? Does she get them refilled? Finally you just have to break down and ask. “I love your eyelashes, what are you using?

Kush High Volume Mascara

Long lashes that look beautiful and natural can change the entire look of your face.You might run out of the house without much makeup but adding mascara and a little lipgloss are on the must have list. Unless there is a 911 emergency, you probably will not be seen without mascara, even if a few other beauty steps don’t quite make the cut after a crazy morning when the alarm doesn’t go off.



KUSH-Cannabis Oil Infused Mascara

Growing within the beautiful Himalaya mountains, with its lush hillsides and tropically fertile environment you will find Kush Cannabis Indica, the oldest known marijuana plant in the world.

Kush Cannabis
Kush Cannabis

Milk Makeup is revolutionizing the makeup industry with Kush High Volume Mascara by infusing Kush cannabis oil into their signature mascara. Milk Makeup is a vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, all natural, gluten-free, makeup company. Staying true to their safe, vegan, and cruelty-free promise Kush High Volume Mascara does not contain beeswax. Beeswax used in cosmetics is secreted by worker honeybees, because of this, beeswax is not a vegan.


There’s no need to worry about any psychotropic effects when using Kush High Volume mascara so feel free to indulge. The name Kush is bold and daring and although the name comes from the Kush marijuana plant, the cannabis oil in Kush High Volume mascara actually comes from the plant hemp.The hemp plant does not contain THC, the euphoria feeling componet in marijuana.


The majority of mascara products on the market contain black carbon and beeswax. Black carbon is a polymer that coats and stiffens the lashes, while beeswax micro-fibers are used to bind and enhance the volume and length of lashes. These products are industrialized and it’s no surprise that they can cause some irritation to the eyes.


History of Hemp in America

The interesting thing about hemp is that it was once the most popular agricultural plant grown in every state. There are many benefits of hemp including over 25,000 known uses.

Hrmp plsnt
cannabis oil and hemp

This plant and the wonderful benefits of it were soon unavailable when politics took over and hemp was linked to marijuan, because it’s a cannabis plant it was banded and considered illegal in 1970.


Unfortunately this is when the plastic industry took over and the cosmetic industry had to move right along with it. These plastic ingredients used to make cosmetics include: parabens, phthalates,and sulfates just to name a few. These products have recently been shown to be carcinogenic and responsible for causing an endocrine-disrupting chemical and reproductive toxins.



The Safe Cannabis Comeback

Many cosmetic companies are moving to organic, safe vegan and gluten-free products. Because of this, cannabis oil is making a big comeback in the makeup industry. Cannabis is a naturally organic, vegan, gluten-free and of course cruelty-free ingredient that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Hemp seed oil also contains Vitamins A, C, and E.


KUSH Mascara-Get Your Lash ON

The Cannabis seed oil infused Kush High Volume Mascara gives a natural hydration and buttery feel to your lashes. You will feel this hydrating effect as you apply this mascara because of the super easy brush strokes. It doesn’t snag or get stuck in your lashes like some mascaras. Your lashes will noticeably get longer and fuller with each coat that you apply. The cool thing about the cannabis oil in Kush High Volume Mascara is that your lashes will feel soft and won’t have that dried up prickly feeling at the end of the day.


The nourishing properties of cannabis oil will prevent any eyelash breakage and dryness or flaking. This means when it’s time to take off your makeup, it’s so much easier to remove. This adds to the protection of your lashes also since you don’t have to rub quite so hard to get the mascara off.


Fiber mascaras, know for lengthing your lashes, work by attaching synthetic fibers to your lash tips as you apply each coat. These fibers work like lash extensions, elongating your lashes,and they are typically cylinder shaped filled with nylon and silk.


Kush High Volume Mascara contains thickening, hollow, heart-shaped fibers that fuse to each individual eyelash with cannabis oil adding length and volume. These heart-shaped fibers wrap completely around your lashes and allow you to apply coat after coat without the dreaded spiderweb look.


The mascara tube is a little heavy and the Puff Puff brush is quite big when you remove it from tube, something you might not be used to. The Puff Puff brush is a tree shaped applicator that has separating bristles which somehow manage to lift every single lash from root to tip and keep them separated. If you have been using a safety pin for separating your lashes, you will be delighted, you won’t have to use it ever again.




Kush High Volume Mascara packaging is impressive.

Good price for the quality and the amount of mascara that comes in the tube  $24 for 10ml.

This product also comes in a travel size for $12

Noticeable volume, thickness, length, and softness.



Puff Puff brush a little too big for tube which causes some mascara to be wasted.

Puff Puff brush while it can find and lift all of your lashes, it is very big, maybe too big if you are not used to it.



Recommend this Product?    Yes

This mascara will give your lashes length, volume,and softness. It’s so nice to be able to apply several coats without the clumping and spider web eyelashes. Overall this mascara is the closest thing to lash extensions that you will apply to your eyelashes.


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Colleen Savoie

Hi, I’m Colleen, a Licensed Pharmacist and Holistic Health Advocate. I’ve been struggling with SIBO disease for many years and an important part of the treatment is removing toxins from anything that is applied to or consumed by my body. I currently follow a Paleo diet to reduce symptoms of abdominal bloating and distention. I follow as closely as I can. Sometimes my willpower is not strong enough and I cheat. Our skin is our body’s largest organ and our facial area has the most pores of any area on the skin. Everything applied to our skin and especially the facial area is absorbed. Green Organic Makeup takes the healthy, holistic lifestyle, and contributes updated information and product reviews on makeup and skincare products that are natural, safe and organic to provide awareness about alternatives to toxic makeup to add to the overall health of our bodies.

Reader Comments

  1. Linus Udochukwu Marvellous

    I have always fancied products made with cannabis and I always get them for my wife. She does not just love them, she uses no other products aside those products made with cannabis. Before I buy them and before she uses them, we always make sure they don’t have any side effect. So I will love to know if your product has any side effect

    • admin

      Linus I have not experienced any side effects with this product and I have a long history of allergic reactions to plastic derived makeup products. I hope she enjoys it!

  2. Tunde

    This is really a true review of this wonderful product ‘Kush High Volume Mascara’ .

    Interestingly, my wife just got this product a week ago and believe me the testimonies she has been giving concerning this cool product are amazing and synonymous to all you have written here. It is really a pretty good product and really worth it according my to wife. 

  3. Dancinscot

    That is amazing…make up is notoriously toxic and I’ve always noticed a bad smell from any mascara I buy.

    While it’s pretty expensive, it sounds like using this one requires less product because of the way it is made.

    I hope we’re truly coming out of the “everything plastic” period of manufacturing. Beauty products seem like quite an indulgence and like anything, contribute to pollution.

    I’m glad I saw this review about a product with healthier ingredients.

    • admin

      I completely agree about the safe, more natural makeup product and away from the plastic. For years I could never wear mascara without my contacts in because my eyes would water constantly. I would end up having to wash it off. I also had the same allergy problem with some foundations. 

      The great thing about Kush High Volume Mascara is that it comes in a smaller tube for $12 if you don’t want to splurge on the larger tube. Once you feel it on your lashes though and see how long it lasts it will probably be a must have in your makeup routine. 🙂

  4. Chris Isaac

    This mascara is cool,  compare to other mascaras that you will use all most every minute but this Kush high volume mascara you applied it maybe once in a day. And also I like this mascara because of the part of softening and making your lashes longer, and it does not give a scratch to the lashes or to the eye I wish male too can use it. But I think the price is High. How long does the mascara tube last?

    • admin

      Chris you are right, you only have to apply it once and it lasts all day. I’m on my second bottle of Kush High Volume Mascara and I got the first one right when it was introduced. I’m actually using the smaller tube for my purse and also still using the original larger tube that I purchased. It’s lasted a month. 

  5. Louis

    Make up is an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. It’s good to know that the kush mascara is vegan friendly, especially for those who live a vegan lifestyle. The kush high volume mascara looks to be a very good product, especially because it’s made from cannabis oil. This is an asset in the make up kit of every female, absolute value for money!

    • admin

      Louis, I absolutely love mascara and I’m always searching for the one that gives my lashes the most length and volume. This product is amazing. I’m on my second tube of Kush High Volume Mascara right now and you can feel how much softer your lashes are and more importantly, see the length without the dreaded spider look.

  6. Jon

    This is great, I did not know that hemp oil can help protect your makeup. I made my own post on cbd oil and I will update it to reflect that it can help protect makeup you put on. I actually did not know there were organic and green makeups you could put on.

    • admin

      Yes Jon the new go to ingredient in the makeup industry is CBD oil due to the many benefits it provides and the fact that it’s an all natural product. There is a demand in the makeup industry from consumers to provide safer, more natural products. CBD oil infused makeup  also contains, Vitamins A,D, and E and Omega 3 and  Omega 6 fatty acids which are very beneficial to the skin.

  7. Lee

    Thank you for sharing. I am going to have my wife take a look at this. She has problems with most cosmetics because of a glutton allergy. I see that this makeup is glutton free and these are the types of cosmetics that my wife is always searching for. It appears there are a number of benefits with cannabis oil beyond what I knew.

    • admin

      Lee, I can empathize with your wife because I have a gluten allergy also. That was the first thing I noticed about Kush High Volume Mascara was the gluten-free label on the tube when I ran into it at Sephora. When I say ran into it, I  mean I literally accidently ran into the Milk Makeup display at Sephora. (Luckily it did not fall)

  8. Gomer

    I’d like to add what I think is good about this Kush High Volume Mascara… Since it’s easier to remove when rinsing with water as compared to other commercial brands out there, it will prevent your skin from getting more friction. As we all know, the more friction applied, the darker our skin becomes. So, this is good especially for Asians who are conscious about their face’ complexion.

    • admin

      Definitely! I used to have to rub with my makeup remover wipes quite rough to get my mascara off. Now with two gentle swipes it comes off so much easier.

  9. Dapoach

    The Kush High Volume Mascara is really lovely, making the eye lashes look astonishing. Its surprising to know that there are many benefits of hemp including over 25,000 known uses, this i never knew not until after reading your post. Its good to know that i have been able to differentiate between cannabis , hemp and marijuana from your post. Initially prior to this time i thought they all meant the same. Thanks so much fr your educative post. It has really been helpful

  10. Fortune

    This is an awesome review of Kush High Volume Mascara- Luxury Lashes. I must say that hardly will you find a lady that won’t have her box of make-up at home. My fiancee is a lover of this product simply because it’s a a product made with cannabis as it helps to protect her make-up. I love her using make-ups as well and she’s hasn’t use any other product lately. All what you have written is an evidence of the experience she’s had since the time she’s been using it. It’s s great product to use.  Thanks 

  11. Dave Sweney

    This Kush High Volume luxury mascara sounds like the perfect gift for my wife. She is all about going green whenever possible and also is not averse to supporting the comeback of hemp and marijuana for the populace. We have both done our research and know just how beneficial this plant can be if given the chance.

    It does sound like the luxury starts from the packaging to the brush. The metal and design are cutting edge, and now I expect I will have to pay a cutting edge price to get one of these for my wife! That is okay, I do not mind paying a bit more for quality and also supporting green efforts.

    Thanks for a good review of this Kush High Volume mascara, I am glad that I happened by the post so I know about the perfect gift for my wife now! have a great day!

  12. Sharon

    Often, I heard about the benefits of cannabis as in CBD but didn’t know it can be incorporated into cosmetic products. Since both my nieces are vegan and I believe this will make a beautiful gift for their coming birthday. Thanks for bringing this product to light. The pros definitely outweigh the cons. 

    • admin

      Yes, Sharon, CBD oil is being widely used in cosmetics now and it’s great for the vegan and cruelty-free community. My niece is also vegan and her birthday is next month. I’m going to get her this as a Birthday gift also. 

  13. jaykaynigltd

    This is a great article. You have exhuastively  put this together. Can be more exhuastive than this. More importantly you didn’t paint a biased picture but gave an honest review of Kush High Volume Mascara’. I couldn’t agree more with you as a make up artist for many years since I was a kid I can tell a good product miles away and this is a good product as testified by my customers who had used this product. The only downside is that the brush is a little bigger than necessary. The good thing about it is that it’s pocket friendly at 

    $24 and even have a$12 smaller pack! So you don’t have to rob a bank to get this. 

    thanks for your honest review

    • admin

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate this article coming from a nmakeup artist! Kush High Volume Mascara is getting some great reviews. 

  14. Nate

    Very interesting post.  I had no idea that natural mascara even existed, let alone made out of hemp.

    It wasn’t clear from your article,  but is it sold in the United States? I have five daughters and I would love for them to use a more natural products than they use now.

    Thanks again for posting this information. 

    • admin

      Nate, yes it is sold in the United States but only in Sephora and Urbam Outfitter stores. However you can purchase it online at milkmakeup.com.  Your house must be full of happiness with five daughters! 

  15. GVporras

    Thank you for sharing this great article about the Kush High Volume Mascara and perfect time for me, since my wife birthday is around the corner and I been looking for a mascara, and after I read your article you mentioned that this mascara, won’t irritate the eyes, reason why my wife stopped using mascara. but I’ve always wanted to see my wife use the mascara, because of how beautiful she looks with it.

    I think this Kush High Volume Mascara will be a great product to try and hopefully, it won’t irritate my wife’s eyes.

    Thank you 

  16. Mary

    Thank you for sharing. It’s the best mascara on the market, not only does it lengthen, curl and add volume, it actually improves your lashes over time. I thought the inclusion of CBD oil was gimmicky and didn’t expect it to to do anything, but after using this mascara, my naked lashes are longer and fuller! It’s the only mascara that helps my lashes stay curled all day, and doesn’t transfer under my eyes. It’s a must for everyone.
    Thank you!

    • admin

      Mary, I’m so glad you found Kush High Volume Mascara! It’s a great feeling when you find a mascara that lengthens and conditions. I’ve noticed my naked lashes growing also! It’s much more affordable than lash extensions or lash boosting serums and medications. 

  17. Tolu

    My wife is fair in complexion, and mascara brings out her beauty. Men love seeing beautiful things, no doubt about that. We are attracted by what we see. I can remember those days when I was dating my wife, using mascara was always part of her makeup, and I can say I admire seeing those mascara on her face. However, she has stopped using any mascara now.I guess it is because of the low quality ones in the market. However, I would want to see her using mascara again. I would recommend Kush high volume mascara to her especially because of it organic properties and does not contain black carbon and bee wax. 

    • admin

      Tolu,  I hope she finds Kush High Volume Mascara something that she can work with in her beauty routine. I know what it’s like to go without mascara when I had severe allergies to the traditional plastic derived products in mascara and my eyes would water up until the mascara disappeared. That’s not a good feeling for a lady. Best of luck to both of you. 

  18. Alblue

    I’m searching a birthday gift for my cousin. She was lately occupied with vegan lifestyle. Since she is a fan of makeup and skincare products, I think Kush High Volume Mascara will be a good choice for her. Maybe I will gift her both the travel set and daily set. Do you have any online store recommendation to buy this product with best deal? Thank you.

    • admin

      I’m sure your cousin would be delighted to receive this as a gift. That’s very thoughtful of you. Milk Makeup and especially Kush High Volume Mascara is so new to the market that I haven’t seen any sales yet. However you could always go with the travel size, it’s $12 and the Puff Puff brush is exactly the same so she will get the same results. 

  19. Vapz

    There are two things that make me love this Kush High volume mascara  luxury lashes so much. They are the canabidiol that it contains and the fact that it doesn’t contain beeswax. Its so cool to have some of the beautiful benefits of canabidoil in a mascara,healing and nourishing the eyelashes. And its reassuring to know that no animal cruelty was carried out when my mascara was produced. The price of all this goodness that the kush volume mascara provides is a little bit pricey for $24, that’s the only down side to me. But it is a great product,worth having in every make up kit.

    • admin

      Yes, I agree, it’s nice to be able to get longer, fuller lashes while knowing your a giving something nourishing at the same time. 

  20. Rjpollob

    Hi, I read your whole review of this wonderful product ‘Kush High Volume Mascara’. I think this product will be awesome. A high-volume mascara with nourishing, hemp-derived cannabis seed oil, that’s good to remove black sports. A good product is certainly beneficial for health. I have not used this product yet but I think it would be a lot better. 

    It is great to read, Now I am going to share it with my family members.

  21. James Yangetmai

    I wish I had come across your website way sooner and during the days when I was still in the classroom teaching. I had so many former students who were really into make up, lip liner and mascara, that I know would have benefited most from all the information in here; especially with those with health concerns about the toxicity of what is found in most make up products. But in spite not being in the classroom any longer, I’ve learned so much in here that I can still impart onto my family and others that I know are into these products. Thank you for sharing these very vital information.

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